She is a remarkable single mother raising two children, aged 21 and 25, exuding pride, fulfillment, and accomplishment.
I vividly remember driving her to the hospital for her first delivery 25 years ago, a memory that feels like yesterday. The girl I witnessed being born has blossomed into an incredible woman, and time has swiftly passed.

Though I couldn’t be in the delivery room, I waited outside, experiencing every scream and pain through the night. She faced the labor alone, with no friends or relatives, uttering unprintable words due to the intense ordeal. The labor pains were so intense that one might have thought she’d never approach motherhood again, yet here she stands, a proud mother of two.

This experience, witnessing both the delivery and the discomfort of pregnancy, has become a lasting memory, shaping our friendship and providing unexpected lessons. Little did I know that this experience would offer me a profound principle instrumental in my business journey and the coaching of others.
Reflecting on the challenges of starting my business in 2021, I recalled the analogy of delivery, defecation, and urination. While the latter two are relatively short, easy, and sometimes relaxing processes, pregnancy and delivery involve nine months of pain and discomfort. Yet, the result is a child—a beautiful, living testament to love and life.

This analogy became a life lesson for my entrepreneurial journey. The birthing process of success is often painful, lonely, and seemingly endless. My single mother friend’s resilience taught me that enduring this process guarantees success with a meaningful outcome. The pregnancy period serves as a training ground for patience, compassion, resilience, adaptability, tolerance, focus, determination, empathy, and self-care—essential qualities for managing and sustaining success.

In challenging moments, I draw inspiration from my friend’s experience, remembering that we must navigate the pregnancy and delivery period to birth our visions. As the saying goes, the elevator to success is out of use, but the staircases remain functional. When faced with discouragement, remember my single mother friend’s journey, a testament to the transformative power of enduring the birthing process of success.

Samson Umurhurhu
Isaac Idontenyin CEO, Thrive Coaching Centre

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